Ilaria Rosso

Delinquent honours English grad meets classical music aficionado.  There is a daily war between Shakespeare and Handel at my desk.  (And now we can add Sondheim to the fray, as somehow I’ve wound up in a musical theatre performance program.)

Reading the editing attributes sidebar, I like the phrase “there are no limits to how deeply nested you can make pages”.  Deeply nested.  Makes me think of baby robins inside the pentagon. :)

This blog and its owner owe a lot in inspiration and tenacity to Anik LaChev and her Eyebags.  You should check her out, especially seeing as she is brilliance in blog form (and I am not even kidding).

I also read/write Italian, French, German, and Swedish to varying extents: French and Italian not so poorly, German and Swedish less than well.  (I love language(s).  Oh dear god.)  So if you speak any of these and feel putting me through my paces, drop me a note, leave me a reply, or shout really loudly in the direction of Canada.  Seriously.  I’d love the practice.

And if you speak English, that’s good too.  :P  You can call me on my verbosity.


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