Le Comte encore! (et aussi, Yo-Yo Ma et un oud)

Some wonderful soul (coloraturafan) has uploaded clips from the Met’s 2011 production of Le Comte Ory!  I got so worked up the other night over the necessity of their releasing a DVD of this production that I actually emailed two different departments using the contact us! link off the Met’s website, heh heh.  But in the meantime, enjoy the below clip(s) (and a few more on from the above YouTuber’s channel), s’il vous plaît. :)

Sacre bleu!  Mon coeur pauvre…  ici, il n’y a jamais le chose “trop de cuir”, je pense.  Per la DiDonato glorieuse, en particulier!  Mon dieu, ha ha.

And now for something slightly different!

Last night I had the great pleasure of seeing Yo-Yo Ma and members of the Silk Road Ensemble perform the last concert of their tour.  Before coming onstage they told the recital society president that they were going to “let it rip”, and did they ever!  In addition to taking in time signatures that changed like blowing sands, unfamiliar tonalities, the Persian carpets, the unusual instruments, and the lack of shoes on several of the performers, the audience also saw some of the most communicative musicianship I have ever witnessed in live performance.  One piece in particular included a significant amount of improvisation, and their combined ability impressed the pants off me. Well, not literally, obviously, but for 13 (?) musicians to seamlessly integrate each others’ spur of the moment impulses into such a complex, beautiful pattern is no mean feat.  Also, many of the instruments were like nothing I had ever seen.


An oud

The exceptionally expressive Wu Man on pipa

Kayhan Kalhor on kemancheh

The Silk Road Ensemble is part of the Silk Road Project begun by Yo-Yo Ma in 1998 and comprises of about 60 musicians, only a selection of whom I saw last night.  Their numbers include both composers and virtuoso performers, and many of them specialize in lesser-known instruments (to me, at least), and they work in styles of music from many countries around the world.  It was a spectacular evening.  Charisma + musical brilliance + energy.  They made the world sparkle.

Programme notes can be found here.


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One response to “Le Comte encore! (et aussi, Yo-Yo Ma et un oud)

  1. Ilaria

    SO, I emailed the Met and today received this reply:

    Dear Ms. Russo,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    We are delighted to hear how much you enjoyed our HD Broadcast of Le Comte Ory. Information about a possible DVD release of this production has not been announced at this time. Please know we will forward your recommendation to our Media Department for review and consideration as we plan for future releases.
    Please contact us if you require further assistance.
    Thank you for supporting the Metropolitan Opera.
    Nancy Wilkens
    Met Opera Customer Relations

    Brilliant. :) The “please, please, please. With a cherry on top” in my original email might have helped. But here’s hoping…

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